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Bohemian Betyars

Rogues' Gallery

Festival Theatre
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest
  • Hey, June!
The performance has been rescheduled.

We regret to inform our esteemed audience that due to illness this performance has been cancelled. The performance will be held on December 12th.
Valid tickets can be redeemed until 7 July 2023 via the online interface previously set up for this purpose or our permanent ticket offices. Alternatively, they can be used to buy tickets for Müpa's own productions according to the face value of the tickets.
Thank you for your understanding!

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The Bohemian Betyars have long been one of the most popular bands in Hungary, and have also enjoyed major international success thanks to their electric and energetic concerts. They play Balkan and Gypsy turbo-folk that features speed-folk and freak-punk styles and encompasses a punk energy, a ska skip and bittersweet emotions. Now, however, they are preparing for an entirely new kind of concert. The Borsod boys are taking their music back to its authentic roots, with reconceptualised instrumentation, extra instruments and special guests Parno Graszt taking the stage.

The concerts of the Bohemian Betyars, who have been performing since 2009, have an intimate, wholly instinctive and life-affirming feel that liberates the audience, gets into your guts and has everybody in the house up and dancing. They are faithful representatives of the bittersweet existence of their homeland, though perhaps the group's most unique quality is the lust for life that flows in utterly authentic way from their music - no surprise given that they have travelled Europe playing street music in a bona fide vagabond style since the very start. Today, they are frequent guests at clubs and festivals across Hungary and Europe, while they have also toured China, South Korea, Japan and the United States. Now, however, they have another plan as, through an inexhaustible exploration of their fundamental influences, Hungarian folk music, traditional Gypsy music and Balkan, wind instrument-rich folk music, they seek to present an extraordinary show and reconceptualised and reorchestrated songs. Over the course of the concert, the six-member group will be joined by wind musicians, string musicians and members of the Parno Graszt group. We will tour every corner of the Betyar world as they play a concert like no other!

Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • violin, vocals
    Máté Palágyi
  • acoustic guitar, vocals
    Levente Szűcs
  • bass guitar, vocals
    Gábor Fehér
  • electric guitar, vocals
    Máté Mihályfi
  • trumpet
    Domonkos Kondor
  • drums
    Dániel Dankó
  • percussion instruments
    Bertalan Sárkány
  • tambura, vocals
    József Oláh (Parno Graszt)
  • accordion, vocals
    Krisztián Oláh (Parno Graszt)
  • vocals
    Jennifer Szirota (Parno Graszt)
  • violin
    Tóni Szilágyi (Parno Graszt)

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