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Benjamin Clementine

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Béla Bartók National Concert Hall
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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The celebrated songwriter/performer Benjamin Clementine, master of artistic pop music scored with Baroque precision, is coming to Hungary to take the stage here for the third time. Since his last sold-out concert at Müpa Budapest, he has released two albums, the more recent coming out at the end of last year, after a hiatus of more than five years. Along with this superb new record, he also released a joint effort with his wife, Flo Morrissey, a few years back. Apart from the outstanding material, what makes this current concert completely unique is the fact that the pianist/singer will be accompanied on the stage at Müpa Budapest by a string quintet composed of Hungarian musicians.

For his first LP, 2015's At Least For Now, which artfully combines both genres and styles, Benjamin Clementine took home the Mercury Prize, Britain's most prestigious British music award honouring the album of the year. A sophisticated mix of classical music, chamber pop and rock opera from the very beginning, the songs this musician with Ghanaian roots has composed are also distinguished from those of his contemporaries by their poetic sensitivity. His captivating, velvety baritone makes his performances magnetic ones. Just like its earlier counterparts, his third album, And I Have Been, released in October 2022, remains a search for the perfect sound, and also just like them, defies categorisation. Engaging thematically with the rich intricacy of life, it comes to an acceptance that each day exists in order for us to learn from it. While planning to come out with a sequel to this record at some point, Clementine is in the meantime also focusing on his acting career - which included an appearance in the 2021 film Dune. He will be accompanied by a Hungarian string quintet at this concert that promises to be a special, unmissable occasion.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • vocals, piano
    Benjamin Clementine
  • bass guitar
    Seye Adelekan
  • drums
    Romarna Campbell
  • violin
    Petra Várallyay
  • violin
    Elvira Csárics
  • viola
    Boglárka Szűcs
  • cello
    Tamás Zétényi

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