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Bálint Gyémánt: Vortex of Silence

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Festival Theatre
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest
  • Jazz Showcase

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The evening concerts in the Jazz Showcase programme are revealing more and more clearly what kind of future jazz is moving towards today. The stylistic pigeonholes have vanished for good. And Hungary's most recent crop of performers are integrally linked to the leading trends across Europe. Offering brilliant proof of this at the opening concert of the event will be Bálint Gyémánt, possibly one of the most promising artists signed with the German label Jazzhaus Records, with his new solo album, Vortex of Silence. Regularly partnering with Veronika Harcsa as her co-creator and co-composer, Gyémant also has his own personal musical vision, which is completed by the incomparable playing of Vince Bartók and Dániel Ferenc Szabó, including live on stage.

On his new solo album, the guitarist's musical ideas and rivetingly penetrating melodies are given new layers, with romantic acoustic guitar sounds and psychedelic rock themes forged together into a single unity. Shepherded into the European music market by the independent Freiburg-based Jazzhaus Records, Vortex of Silence will not only be issued on the usual digital platforms, but will also be available as a physical 180-gramme vinyl disc after the album release concert at Müpa Budapest. The material is an imprint of personal stories and human relationships from recent years, offering listeners too the opportunity to reinterpret the harmonies and disharmonies of the world around them. Juxtaposed in the same space are silence and noise, with lights and shadows dancing together to allow listeners, immersed in the moment, to experience their own story through them. For the guitarist, the ‘vortex of silence' is a symbol of a common phenomenon of our times, one that we all have to face at some point. This album can serve both as a focal point and as a reminder for us to have the courage to stand up for each other and be a voice for the voiceless.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • guitar
    Bálint Gyémánt
  • bass guitar
    Vince Bartók
  • drums
    Dániel Ferenc Szabó

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