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Aurevoir. Symphonic

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Béla Bartók National Concert Hall
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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Eight years ago, Aurevoir. started to appear on the main stages of festivals almost out of nowhere, conquering audiences with their unique songs rooted in folk music but incorporating its melodic and lyrical traditions into an alternative rock sound. Conceptually present in their music, defined as ethno-beat, is diversity: in addition to the motifs of Hungarian, Gypsy, Irish and South Slavic folk music and '60s beat style, it also includes the world of French café chansons and Renaissance and Baroque music. The next musical stage of this success story and continuous development is a symphonic concert with the Szolnok Symphony Orchestra.

The musical director of this symphonic concert is Aurevoir. saxophonist Dániel Cseke, who graduated from the Liszt Academy with a degree in jazz in 2022. His constitutes a kind of link between the band and the other styles, this time elevating the songs of Aurevoir. to an entirely new level. At the centre here, in contrast to the rhythms that dominates at ‘loud' festival concerts, will be melodies, with folk music traditions taking on new dimensions supported by classical musical arrangements. The co-arranger for the symphonic concert is Gergő Kováts, who recently demonstrated his full-orchestral scoring skills in productions of the NART Orchestra and the Budapest Rap Circus, and also previously worked with the BDZ Quartet, Tárkány Művek and the Uljana Quartet. He had already solidified his special relationship with folk music in his university years - learning to play flute from Zoltán Juhász and guitar from Attila Csávás. Through his previous work, he developed a personal voice that is nevertheless integrally connected to the diverse and rich tradition.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • Sándor Balogh
  • vocals, guitar, Irish bouzouki
    Márton Agócs
  • vocals, mandolin
    Mihók Fejér
  • accordion, keyboard instruments, vocals
    Ágoston Fejér
  • guitar, vocals
    Kristóf Orosz
  • saxophone, flute
    Dániel Cseke
  • bass guitar
    Gábor Gelencsér
  • percussion instruments
    Viktor Szűcs
  • violin
    Bálint Katona
  • Szolnok Symphony Orchestra

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