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Attila László 70 - Time to Groove!

one interval
Festival Theatre
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest
  • Jazz Workshop

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In 2020, we described him as "one of Hungarian jazz's most versatile artists” when he entertained the audience at the Festival Theatre with some equally wide-ranging material. Now that Attila László has turned 70, he is preparing a no-less diverse show that will prove that age is just a number as László's groove remains as lively than ever! Together with his accompanying musicians and vocalists, László will perform distinctive tracks from the most important bands of his 45-year career in a show packed full of modern styles, swinging beats and stunning guitar solos.

The Liszt Award, Gábor Szabó Award, Leó Weiner Award, two-time Artisjus Award winner and Hungarian Artist of Merit has long been a defining figure of the jazz scene, both in Hungary and further afield. He is also a well-known and treasured composer, soloist, band leader and teacher thanks to both his professionalism and lovable personality. If he invited all of his past bandmates to the stage, we would witness a truly marathon concert, and on the occasion of his birthday, László will provide his fans with two halves of performances of his instrumental and vocal music, including some of his greatest hits. After some iconic tunes from The Things, we will enjoy a parade of pearls from the Attila László Band and the Attila László Quintet with the help of a skilful rhythm section and a bewitching wind trio. The second act will see first Mónika Veres then Nikoletta Szőke step into the spotlight to embark on a musical journey in time through the 1980s and 90s, as we tap our feet while listening to renditions of songs originally performed in that era by the likes of Torita Quick and Zsuzsa Cserháti. The evening could only ever end with Attila László inviting Charlie, his legendary creative partner, to the stage - a second equally timeless performer.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • guitar
    Attila László
  • piano, keyboard instruments
    Kálmán Oláh, Árpád Oláh Tzumo
  • bass guitar
    Béla Lattmann
  • drums
    Gergő Borlai, Péter Szendőfi, Attila Zombori
  • trumpet
    Balázs Pecze
  • saxophone
    Sándor "Soso” Lakatos
  • trombone
    Krisztián Csapó
  • vocals
    Charlie, Nikoletta Szőke, Mónika Veres
  • saxophone
    Tony Lakatos

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