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Arooj Aftab - Vijay Iyer - Shahzad Ismaily

Love in Exile

Festival Theatre
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest
The performance has been cancelled.

We regret to inform our esteemed audience that this performance has been cancelled. Valid tickets can be redeemed until 19 June 2023 via the online interface previously set up for this purpose or our permanent ticket offices. Thank you for your understanding!

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Three popular and renowned musicians, each remarkable performers in their own right, have founded a trio in order to create a truly unique, improvisation-based show. This is a classic example of an utterly unmissable occasion. Especially if you are a fan of Vijay Iyer, one of the most famous jazz pianists of our times. Or Shahzad Ismaily, perhaps best known in Hungary as a member of Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog. Or perhaps you are familiar with recent Grammy-winner Arooj Aftab's breakthrough album, released last year, where he innovatively blends Western singer-songwriter traditions with a Pakistani and Indian vocal style.

The ad hoc trio have teamed up not only for this tour, but also to release an improvisation-based record under the prestigious ECM record label. The three performers' musical meditation is that characteristic music which stirs the imagination, opening up a fresh, luxuriant yet cathartic and ritualistic sound. Of the three figures, the singer Arooj Aftab could be considered the most recent discovery on the wider music scene, and grabbed even more of the limelight when he became the first Pakistani artist to win a Grammy, in 2022. He received the award for a truly unique record that combines pop music with traditional Pakistani music, and that received acclaim from both Western pop music and world music press alike. One of his current partners and a keen collaborator, Vijay Iyer, is of Indian origin, and has already performed several concerts in Hungary. He is both one of the most decorated American pianists of the past decade and an influential composer. In this project, he add further diversity to the overall sound by playing the synthesiser in addition to the piano. We can also look forward to the harmony the pair enjoy with Shahzad Ismaily, a multi-instrumentalist of Pakistani origin (playing bass guitar and synthesizer in this project), who has long been performing with noticeable aplomb. His list of collaborators speaks for itself: from Björk to Laurie Anderson and Tom Waits.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • vocals
    Arooj Aftab
  • piano, synthesiser
    Vijay Iyer
  • bass guitar, synthesiser
    Shahzad Ismaily

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