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Festival Theatre
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest
  • Jazz Showcase

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At the closing concert of Jazz Showcase, the circle closes and the world opens up. On the Sunday programme like at the others, we will hear the music of the future, with four continents represented in it. Led by keyboardist/producer Szabolcs Bognár, À‎báse has defined the European jazz-hiphop-afrobeat scene for years. And now the audience at the Festival Theatre will get to attempt to work out the secret of its success. And providing the basis for all this is the material from the group's latest album, Awakening.

In addition to founding such successful line-ups as Solqlap Budapest and The Mabon Dawud Republic, Szabolcs has played with many bands, including Amoeba, Akkezdet Phiai and Irie Maffia. He has been living and working in Berlin since 2018, where he is a member of Sonic Interventions, Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange (ZFEX) and Wayne Snow, just to mention a few of the ensembles he is affiliated with. One of the important aims of his solo project, À‎báse, is the search for the point of intersection between afrobeat, hip-hop, jazz and electronic genres. Their releases are played by top DJs and radio stations. Awakening will come out in the autumn of 2023, issued jointly by the globally recognized Analogue Foundation and Bognár's own label, Oshu Records. This evening at Müpa Budapest will be a chance to enjoy the Hungarian premiere. The members of the band have gathered from far-flung corners of the world in order to share with both each other and us their defining styles and sources of inspiration. Hailing from Hungary are Fanni Zahár, András Koroknay, Ernő Hock and Szabolcs himself, while Ori Jacobson, Eric ‘Sunday' Owusu and Ziggy Zeitgeist represents the musical cultures of Israel, Ghana and Australia, respectively. "The spiritual motif coursing through Awakening is a new realization of the cycle of life and the miracle of continuous rebirth, along with the constant perception of a new reality.”

Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • keyboards
    Szabolcs Bognár
  • flute, alto saxophone
    Fanni Zahár
  • tenor saxophone
    Ori Jacobson
  • double bass
    Ernő Hock
  • bass guitar
    András Koroknay
  • drums
    Ziggy Zeitgeist
  • vocals, percussion instruments
    Eric Owusu

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Jazz Showcase

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