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A Scattering of Stars - a Péter Geszti concert

Special guests: Eszter Váczi and József Wunderlich

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Béla Bartók National Concert Hall

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"Come, scatter stars in the dark today,
Let us be the light, as long as we are here!
Come, fire up the light, never fear, come,
Let the flame burn for that which we can still become!"

Now, in addition to playing his catchy hits, Péter Geszti will also be strumming some new, more sensitive chords. Megint hétfő, Nem adom fel, Áj láv jú, Ma jól vagyok, Télen-nyáron nyár - so many songs, so many famous hits we love to hum and sing along to. On this occasion, however, the singer-songwriter/rapper's show will also feature compositions like Mi vagyunk a grund - made famous by the Paul Street Boys musical - and the faith-filled Csillagszórás (A Scattering of Stars), written for the Christmas of 2020. There will be something of a world premiere of the latter song: the first time it will be played in concert with the original performers, Johanna Lengyel and Péter Geszti. The evening's entertainment will match the mood of the approaching festive period and also feature some rarely played lyrical numbers, including a duet with Eszter Váczi. Geszti, who will take to the stage alongside the musicians of his group Jazz+Az, will once again create a special evening for the audience by employing his characteristic 'gift of the gab'. More than ever, we can look forward to his humorous and often thought-provoking commentary and stories.

Presented by: Nők Lapja

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  • vocals, rap
    Péter Geszti
  • keyboard instruments
    Péter Erdélyi
  • drums
    Lajos Gyenge
  • guitar, vocals
    Tamás Kálmán
  • bass guitar
    László Studniczky
  • guitar
    János Kormos
  • vocals
    Johanna Lengyel, Regina Zabos
  • vocals
    Eszter Váczi

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