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QJÚB - Unfolding the Cube

Literary concert theatre based on the works of Sándor Csoóri and János Pilinszky

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Festival Theatre
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest
  • Poetry Recitals At Müpa Budapest

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Miklós Vecsei H. and his team created their latest literary concert theatre production entitled "Unfolding the Cube” on the basis of the life's work of Sándor Csoóri and János Pilinszky, with the projected sets of Glowing Bulbs (Kiégő Izzók), and incorporating an installation designed by Szonja Dorottya Koltay.

The performance conceived by Miklós Vecsei H. embraces the visual world of Glowing Bulbs to construct a genuinely unique work in the context of both modern Hungarian pop music and the milieu of literature, highlighting the idea that a progressive search based on texts reaching back to profound and often sacred writings does indeed have a place in the world of Hungarian literature, music and theatre. The visuals of the QJÚB production are created by the multiple award-winning animator Szonja Dorottya Koltay. Each member of the team - active in the frontiers of theatre, music, literature, and performance - is a recognised artist in their respective fields. In their new performance, they attempt to apply elements of visuals, musical complexity and light art to the works of Sándor Csoóri and János Pilinszky in the most cathartic form possible, so that the ideas of the two poets would not just be remembered in words. In its complexity, the performance offers an exceptional cultural treat, using the poetry and essays by two seemingly distant poets, Sándor Csoóri and János Pilinszky to show how literary tradition can come to life becoming deeply topical and accessible by modern artistic means. The end result speaks for itself...

Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • vocals
    Bori Hegedűs
  • vocals
    Miklós H. Vecsei
  • keyboards, electronics
    Jakab Frimmel
  • drums
    Ábel Mihalik
  • bass guitar
    Viktor Paczári
  • lead guitar
    Huba Ratkóczi
  • director
    Miklós H. Vecsei
  • animation
    Szonja Dorottya Koltay
  • set design and projection
    Glowing Bulbs / Kiégő Izzók
  • lighting
    Lóránd Kiss
  • sound
    Máté Gál

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