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Interview (Intervista, 1987)

The magical world of Federico Fellini

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  • Produced by Müpa Budapest
  • Müpa Film Club

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This is the final film in our The Magical World of Federico Fellini series. If only because anyone who hasn't seen at least one or two Fellini films will struggle to understand Interview's countless references. On the surface, it feels like you are watching a respectful television portrait film, which according to the story is being shot by a Japanese television company. Except that there is no hint of the Japanese in the title, and the broadcaster of the production is Rai Uno, Italy's number one public TV channel. And how is it that the Maestro is directing a portrait film about himself? Suspicious.

More than suspicious... But if we have learned anything from the other films presented in this series, it is that we should not take Fellini at his word. He is an irrepressible prankster. His films often cite 'quoted works', invented up by Fellini himself. Feature films that never existed, news reports that bear no relation to real events, fake documentaries and adverts for made-up products. Photographers, filmmakers and TV staff regularly appear on the screen. What are they recording? What they want to be seen. And why should would these be truthful documentaries, instead of honourable fiction? Yet what distinguishes Fellini's pranks from the slew of fake news and trick videos we see today? Firstly, the fact that each time, Federico Fellini is exposing himself. But also because the surreal moments that appear on the big screen, the monitor, take their undoubted importance from the way that Fellini's characters react to them. (A gigantic Christmas knuckle of ham dangles at the train station until Pippo - at the end of the film - decides it's high time he took a bite.) The whole world is desperate to catch a star, a prominent personage, a celebrity on film. And if that is what our esteemed audience members desire, that is what they shall receive. As for where Fellini stands in these situations - in front of or behind the camera - the answer is simple. In neither one place nor the other. Rather, he sits alongside us, in the stalls of the variety show, the cinema auditorium, in front of the screen. He is with us. He belongs with us.

In Italian, with Hungarian subtitles.
The discussions before and after the screening are conducted in Hungarian.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • Director
    Federico Fellini
  • Host
    András Réz

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