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Grecsó-Hrutka Tandem: Első évre fecske (Swallow for the First Year) (Müpa Budapest Special)

Presented by Krisztián Grecsó and Róbert Hrutka

Festival Theatre
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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Grecsó-Hrutka Tandem's show Első évre fecske (Swallow for the First Year) will be both an album showcase and an evening of storytelling. It is much more than a concert, and far more intimate than a classic theatrical or literary event.

The creative duo are also preparing plenty of surprises for the occasion that can only be heard at Müpa Budapest. While Tandem's sound will be enhanced by an accompanying band, their unique personalities are still sure to take centre stage alongside their heartwarming sung poetry. They communicate with each other and develop their songs through the use of moving, uplifting and light-hearted family stories. A little like a family at the dinner table, as three or four generations savour the joy of being together, and after all the old stories have been told, the heart yearns for a song.
Swallow for the First Year smuggles spring into the midst of winter - with Róbert Hrutka, a remarkable singer who, after dozens of theatrical albums and uplifting film scores, now shows his acoustic, playfully rustic yet mature side, alongside one of the leading contemporary Hungarian writers of middle age, Krisztián Grecsó. Though, with Hrutka's help, Grecsó has rediscovered the joy of poetry after several decades, on this evening he will not be entirely faithless to his most cherished genre: storytelling.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest

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  • bass guitar
    Attila Fehérvári
  • percussion instruments
    Dávid Nádor
  • violin
    Árpád Szabó
  • actor
    Miklós Vecsei H.

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