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Anna Szabó T.

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  • Produced by Müpa Budapest
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Born in Cluj-Napoca, Anna Szabó T. has long been a vital, essential author for readers of contemporary Hungarian literature. Yet it is only now, with her recent published volume of collected and new poems Vagyok (I Am), that she has finally taken her place at the very forefront of Hungarian literature.

As a poet through and through, Anna Szabó T., who is also an active prose writer and translator, has from the very beginning paid close attention to the impact and the workings of poetry, the relationship between word and form, and the vividness of secrecy. To how lyrical speech can still be valid between silence and stillness, and what - or who - that particular substantive verb (I am) might mean. Who does it conceal, or reveal? This poetry is not closed within itself. Instead, it is a dialogue. In part because it often refers back to itself and the reader, yet also because it speaks to the history of Hungarian poetry, to literary traditions, to earlier creators and works. After eight independent volumes of poetry, Vagyok contains the writer's anthological and new poems, continuing the dialogue into a new dimension. As you read, the internal directions, shapeshifting and switches in emphasis of her books and her cycles unfold before you. Refractions and formations, registers and metaphors, movements and choices. Subjective and analytical; objective and metaphysical, archaic and postmodern. Anna Szabó T. enjoys playing a wide array of instruments - which is why the idea of harmony will be the most fascinating aspect of this March Müpa Budapest event. However that harmony emerges, this encounter with one of present-day Hungary's most popular poets and authors certainly promises to be a thrilling and memorable adventure.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • actors
    Eliza Sodró, Károly Hajduk
  • percussion instruments
    András Dés
  • double bass
    József Barcza-Horváth
  • presenter and host
    Anna Ott
  • director
    László Harsányi Sulyom

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