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And Yet the Language is Ours!

The Cream of British literature

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Festival Theatre
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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For this event, the audience will enjoy a wide array of literary gems from English authors. Or rather British and Irish authors, given that we will also hear the Scottish Burns and Irishman Yeats alongside Shakespeare, Byron and Tennyson. There will be plenty of English language poetry in superb Hungarian translation, though the evening will also feature some short prose pieces and play excerpts. There will be readings from four outstanding actors, connected by short explanations and with musical interludes. For this edition of the Bridging Europe series, we shall need to build an even sturdier bridge than ever before, given that the United Kingdom is no longer a member of the EU. Mind you, even supporters of Brexit have pointed out that they wanted to leave an institution, not a continent.

In any case, they will certainly have left us - continental Europe - with their language. A language which in cultural terms is arguably their greatest treasure. It is with their language that the English have produced many of their finest creations. English literature, drama and essay-writing have so often represented some of the finest in the world. Sooner or later, the world will take full ownership of the English language. It will no longer be the property of the English (you could argue that this moment has already passed). Often you will find that there is no real standard, no way of saying one thing or another like the English do. English is no longer an English product. (It won't really be an American product for much longer either.) Yet the English language still belongs to the English, because they have used it to create - and are still creating today - great works, something that can never be taken away from them. We have selected only the work of British and Irish (so European!) authors for this show, with one exception: The Raven, by Poe (a distinctly full-bodied, dark exception). We will strive to provide a joyous and melancholy, softly romantic and unmercifully objective evening - just as the English like it.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest

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  • Actors
    Andrea Fullajtár
    Eszter Ónodi
    Tamás Fodor
    Károly Hajduk
  • Harp
    Anasztázia Razvaljajeva
  • Presenter and the compiler of the programme
    Ádám Nádasdy
  • Director
    József Balog



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