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An evening with András Visky

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Festival Theatre
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest
  • LITERARIUM - Contemporary Writers at Müpa Budapest

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One of the biggest literary sensations last year was undoubtedly the Cluj-Napoca-based author András Visky. His masterpiece, Kitelepítés (Deportation), tells the poignant story of an Austro-Hungarian family, a Reformed pastor father sentenced to 22 years in prison after the revolution of 1956, and a mother and her seven children exiled to the Danube Delta.

From the point of view of the youngest child, the reader learns about the everyday life of the Romanian labour camp, modelled on the Soviet camps, and the stories of the multi-ethnic prisoners. The narrative is framed by the stories read every day by the young Austrian woman fighting for her children's lives from a family Bible accidentally left with them. "András Visky's book is a moving and uplifting story of a family that, even in its vulnerability and humiliation, draws strength from love and trust again and again,” recommends the book's publisher Jelenkor Publishing. With his novel Deportation, the poet, writer, and dramaturge, born in 1957, has created not only the pinnacle of his beautifully evolving oeuvre, but also a timeless, enduring piece of contemporary Hungarian literature, whose influence lingers even after reading. The audience will certainly have a similarly powerful experience of meeting the author in person, where stories that did not make it into the book will probably come to life. Those already familiar with the book should definitely come to the evening, and for those who haven't read it is likely to be an unforgettable experience.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • actor
    Géza Hegedűs D.
  • piano
    Kristóf Darvas
  • host
    Lajos Jánossy
  • director
    József Balog

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LITERARIUM - Contemporary Writers at Müpa Budapest

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