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The Songbird Flew Down from the Sky

A family programme of folk music with Andrea Navratil and the Kobzos Ensemble on the occasion of the Earth Day

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Glass Hall
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest
  • Mini Matinée

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One of the most exciting forms of folk music is the immersive shared family experience of making music together: there is no finer sight than watching the hearts of children and adults beating to the same rhythm taken from the beloved treasures of folklore, all accompanied by the singing of our many-feathered two-legged friends and our furry four-legged ones. The 22nd of April is a key date for environmental protection, and Andrea Navratil is an ambassador of this cause. This children's programme aimed at keeping traditions alive and led by the singer/storyteller, a recent recipient of the Liszt Award, and her old friends and colleagues of the extremely versatile Kobzos Ensemble, will be made truly memorable by playful dance lessons, spectacular instrumental performances, storytelling and singing together.

Navratil requires no introduction for connoisseurs of folk music: the outstanding folk singer, storyteller, teacher and ecologist performs as a soloist in several groups and is regularly invited to join many others as a guest artist as well. An artist of inexhaustible energy, she successfully uses her vivid storytelling abilities and expressive singing voice to encourage her audiences of children and adults to join in together with the music and fun. Formed a decade and a half ago, in 2006, the Kobzos Ensemble initially assembled to perform mainly sacred Hungarian folk songs with vocal and instrumental accompaniment. Their dynamically expanding repertoire now includes concert programmes organised according to region, dance houses for children and adults, as well as early music concerts. The Kobzos children's sessions, led by Navratil, have a long history: this programme includes instruments that may seem exotic, such as the cobza and the gardon, but youngsters with dancing feet will not be disappointed with the easy-to-learn dance steps. And of course, authentic folk music will be played throughout as our narrator, an expert on both children and folk culture, weaves the thread of the tale to suit the mood of the audience.

Age: 3-8 year
Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • vocals, storytelling
    Andrea Navratil
  • bagpipes
    Botond Bese
  • cobza
    László Demeter
  • violin
    Márton Komáromi
  • gardon, drums
    Rita Sebestény

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