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Szilvia Bognár: Carnival Secret Sack

Family concert

no interval
Glass Hall
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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Carnival is here and we're having a ball - for the programme by Szilvia Bognár and her musician friends, we can guarantee everyone will be doing the waltz. Supported by her outstanding band, one of Hungary's best known performers of world and folk music will reach for higher notes than usual, but this is precisely the point of this doughnut-scented and joyful carnival season in the post-new year period. The musicians will need the cooperation of the children to chase away the grim winter as we don't have many sleeps until the fresh buds grow.

Müpa Budapest's young audience needs no introducation to the hugely successful Fun Twister and Secret Sack events, nor to their host, Szilvia Bognár. On this adventure spiced with much laughter and even more music, she will be accompanied by a four-piece band: Péter Bede on saxophone and recorder, Csaba Gyulai on various percussion instruments, and Máté Hámori on guitar, while we will also welcome Zoltán Kovács, the man who is also composer of the programme, alongside the double bass. The specialist area that gives the team its identity is the good-natured reworking of folk songs, as well as the setting to music of the classic poems of Hungarian literature. Beyond all that, this special edition for carneval will boldly select from nursery rhymes, games and songs for this time of year. Of course, there will also be a place for dance as carnival was once not so long ago the most important season of feasting, but even today there are balls and festivities that bring together the young and old of the village. We know very well that King Konc is on the throne at this time, but if voivode Cibere should win, then winter will slowly evaporate: the heavy, greasy meals will all be eaten as the grey of winter will be followed by lent, and of course the long-anticipated spring.

Age: 3-8 year
Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • vocals
    Szilvia Bognár
  • saxophone, recorder
    Péter Bede
  • percussion instruments
    Csaba Gyulai
  • guitar
    Máté Hámori
  • double bass
    Zoltán Kovács
  • music
    Zoltán Kovács

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