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Rusalka, the Water-Nymph

Based on the opera by Antonín Dvořák

Béla Bartók National Concert Hall
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest
  • Matinée Concerts

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What does a water nymph dream about? About exactly the same thing as her worldly companions. About a handsome prince who arrives one fine day and whose heart beats only for her. Yet in fairy-tales, just like in real life, not everything works out how we imagine or plan. The path of young lovers is obstructed by trickery, jealousy and intrigue. This is a harrowing tale of silent, enduring love, of selfless sacrifice for the other, and the elusive feeling of being caught between two worlds.

Rusalka, Antonin Dvořák's lyrical fairy-tale, is one of, if not the most popular Czech opera of all time. The work, which premiered in Prague in 1901, has enjoyed something of a renaissance in recent decades. In fact, it has been staged far more times around the world than the rest of Dvořák's operas put together. 'Rusalka' is a typical figure in Slavic folklore and also a common noun. Its meaning refers to a female entity closely associated with wetlands, swamps, underworld forces and fertility. The plot of the Czech composer's musical work, which is based on folk tales and literature and also incorporates Wagnerian influences, is deliberately reminiscent of Andersen's classic story of the little mermaid. In Dvořák's version, the restless, unsettled and necessarily benign water nymph becomes a pitiful, ill-fated and beautiful victim. This timeless story, which still bears much relevance today, will be performed by the conductor Péter Oberfrank and the Sinfonietta Erudita, with Attila Toronykőy directing.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest

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  • Péter Oberfrank
  • Rusalka
    Anikó Bakonyi
  • Prince
    Béla Turpinszky Gippert
  • Foreign Princess
    Adrienn Miksch
  • Kitchen Boy
    Anita Huszár
  • Hunter, Ranger
    Gábor Vághelyi
  • Water Goblin
    András Kiss
  • Witch
    Boglárka Laczák
  • Sinfonietta Erudita (artistic director: Krisztina Tötös)
  • Vörösmarty Mixed Choir (Choirmaster: Bálint Gyombolai)
  • répétiteur
    Szilvia Laufer
  • director, visual designer
    Attila Toronykőy

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