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Rita Góbi Company: Little Bonbon

A storytelling and dance performance with active participation

no interval
Glass Hall
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest
  • Mini Matinée

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One of great things about being a child is that you frequently receive presents. Birthdays, name days, Christmas, and a whole host of other important occasions when people do their best to surprise you with something truly personal or memorable. In the Little Bonbon show, the Rita Góbi Company will tell us all about these special moments - and the relationship between receiving and giving gifts - through music, movement, images, puppets and shared play. Because it is better to give than to receive.

Dance teacher, qualified dancer, choreographer: Rita Góbi is one of the most versatile performers on the Hungarian contemporary dance scene. Her children's shows are not made up of incidental elements, but instead feature defining parts of a range of activities that break the boundaries of genre and geography. She is well aware that a love of dance and movement can and must be introduced to children at the earliest possible age. Wherever they are held, her interactive dance shows are always met with great popularity. She has been performing Little Bonbon regularly for nearly ten years. Without words, the play captivates even the youngest audience members with precisely guided movements, catchy melodies and an easily decipherable story. During the initial 30-minute show, the secrets of the box on stage will be revealed to audience members aged two to five - as well as any older siblings, of course. Various toys and cuddly animals will randomly emerge from the mysterious box, before the body parts of Rita Góbi and her accompanying puppyish and clownish creature finally make an appearance. Audience members are enthralled as plants, animals and objects are pulled again and again from the virtually bottomless box to fill the stage. The second half of the show brings some unexpected excitement as, in a second 30-minute block, Rita Góbi invites members of the audience to dance - though there is also time for a little bit of learning amid all the fun.

Collaborating partner: Workshop Foundation

Sponsored by: Ministry of Culture and Innovation of Hungary, National Cultural Fund of Hungary, Workshop Foundation, SÍN Cultural Centre,

Age: 3-8 year
Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • dance and choreography
    Rita Góbi
  • music
    Csaba Gyulai
  • costumes and set design
    Kinga Földi

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