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Rita Góbi Company: Hacukaland

Dress-up dance show for children

Glass Hall
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest
  • Mini Matinée

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"What shall I wear today?” In families with daughters, this phrase familiar to many of us is uttered with increasing frequency and impatience as the years go by. Rita Góbi's one-woman dress-up show offers practical solutions to this acute problem faced by multiple generations: as our playful protagonist discovers the most unusual possible ways to utilise all the clothes in the wardrobe, we too will very likely find ourself enriched with new apparel ideas. Personalized dancing fashion advice in the Glass Hall!

Rita Góbi is an exceptional phenomenon on the Hungarian contemporary dance scene: a dancer, choreographer and dance teacher who graduated from the Hungarian Dance Academy, this time she will be bringing the genre she has chosen in life closer to the youngest generation with an interactive dance performance. What makes Hacukaland, which has already earned great success in many spots around Hungary, such a liberating experience is its simplicity. Centred around the clownish and ageless elf-like being portrayed by the dancer, it addresses through dance, the body and movement this - and let's face it, not only for children - essential activity: negotiating the humorous dead ends and intricate mazes of getting dressed in the morning. Sporting Fruzsina Nagy's brightly coloured and durable wardrobe designs, the performer bravely attempts every trick imaginable and unimaginable as familiar pieces of clothing transform before our eyes and take on new life. The function of the production in helping develop children's imaginations is beyond dispute: any child so inclined has a good chance of achieving a high degree of mastery in the inappropriate use of jewellery, shoes, gloves, scarves and other accessories after watching the performance. The event ends with some collective dancing: the shoes show their moves, the sweater capers cheerfully, and the two legs of the trousers get tangled up...

Co-production partner: BábSzínTér
Cooperating partner: Workshop Foundation

Age: 3-8 year
Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • dancing and choreography
    Rita Góbi
  • music
    Samu Csernák
  • costumes
    Fruzsina Nagy
  • set design
    Ottó Szabó
  • dramaturg
    Tamás Somogyi

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