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  • Produced by Müpa Budapest
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You always need a friend, but four are far better then one: this is how Jazz4Friends was born. The close emotional connection between the members will undoubtedly be felt by the audience too: this is how the founder Károly Horváth and his fellow musicians are able to truly convey their long-standing passion for jazz. On this occasion, attendees can become playfully intimate with the genre as they look forward to an interactive jazz story, a presentation of instruments, and a guide to styles of jazz.

Everything began in the classroom: the final-year musicians met each other during a band rehearsal in the jazz department of the Egressy Béni Reformed Church Secondary School of Arts. Károly Horváth was inspired by the experience of playing music together to form a group with his friends to spread their devotion to music to jazz enthusiasts and to demonstrate not only the love and respect of friendship but also how to forge a bond between musicians by expressing themselves through their shared artistry. The initial trio was soon joined by a singer: this concert will feature the voice of Linda Járóka alongside Fábió Fehér on jazz guitar, Magor Máté Mészáros on drums, and founder Károly Horváth on bass guitar and double bass. For this event, the focus will be on presenting accessible jazz standards - ideal for those who are just getting to know the genre - in a collective, playful and interactive way. The musicians hope that the familiar songs will inspire the audience, too, who are more than welcome to sing along to the songs they are sure to have heard before. Jazz4Friends believe in learning through play: in addition to different types of rhythm and style, they will discuss some typical instruments that will also find their way into the hands of members of the audience!

The concert takes place as part of the Felhangolva! programme supported by the MOL New Europe Foundation.

Age: 8-14 year
Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • vocals
    Linda Járóka
  • jazz guitar
    Fábió Fehér
  • bass guitar, double bass
    Károly Horváth
  • drums
    Magor Máté Mészáros

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