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JaMese: Musical Advent Calendar

Songs set to Anna Szabó T.'s poems

Glass Hall
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest
  • Mini Matinée

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Whether in a larger city or a tiny village, the first weeks of December in Hungary are traditionally busy with preparations for the festive season. If you pay attention, you will notice that as each day passes and we edge closer to Christmas, our body and soul become enveloped in celebration, while, almost imperceptibly, everything around us starts to evoke a sense of anticipation. It is hard to imagine a more perfect Advent gift than listening to the JaMese group performing live once again: the 24 songs will open wide the gates to our hearts and the festive season.

Sometimes, everything comes together: the encounter between the JaMese group - who are well conversant in language of children - and the Advent poetry cycle of Anna Szabó T., one of Hungary's most important contemporary poets, was just that kind of event. The resulting song cycle, released in 2019, was a notable success, reaching number seven on the Mahasz chart at Christmas. Enlivening and completing the anticipation of Advent with poetry, music and songs to sing together - this was the motivation of Emese Molnár, JaMese's singer-songwriter. She also betrays a songwriting secret: "We sought to create songs for all ages. In fact, we encourage every adult to take the pleasure of childhood in the little things at Christmas time, just as they did when they were children themselves.” The Musical Advent Calendar is completed by the fact that the performers - guitarist Gábor Udvarhelyi, keyboard player Zoltán Mizsei, bassist Ferenc "Lá” Éder and drummer Márk Badics, alongside Emese Molnár - are by no means expecting a disciplined bunch of children who sit politely in silence. Instead, there will be group singing, dance and play - because there is also an interactive element that gets the audience moving and gyrating - as we all play an integral role in opening the 24 windows, each of which contains a song.

Age: 3-8 year
Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • vocals
    Emese Molnár
  • guitar
    Gábor Udvarhelyi
  • keyboards, vocals
    Zoltán Mizsei
  • bass guitar
    Ferenc "Lá” Éder
  • drums
    Márk Badics

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