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Is There Such a Thing as Light Music?

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Glass Hall
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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Communicating with young people in their own language is a great responsiblity, especially if you undertake the honorable task of imbuing them with a love and knowledge of classical music. Attendees of Junior Colour concerts will never have to worry about disappointment on that score, however. This popular series is organised by noted evangelists of Hungarian music, and on each occasion they also bring along some of their finest music students, who are just a few years older than the children sitting in the audience.

Two keys fit the lock: a commitment to education and an overwhelming love for music will help throw the virtual gates of the Junior Colour concert hall wide open. Music, in addition to evoking the emotions of the listener, is constructed according to a complicated system. These free one-hour concerts offer the young members of the audience a substantial glimpse into this intricate structure. Together with their most outstanding students, significant figures involved in educating people about Hungarian classical music will be on hand to ensure that both younger and older childen thoroughly enjoy the encounter. The Liszt Academy's Preparatory School for Exceptional Young Talents is tasked with the early discovery of young musical talents. One of its teachers, the pianist Gábor Eckhardt, is responsible for editing the Junior Colour concerts along thematic lines. The pianist Balázs Fülei is the head of Liszt Academy's Chamber Music Faculty, and typically focuses on the analysis of individual chamber music works. Each session offers far more than analysis, however: the selected music works are performed live in the Glass Hall and accompanied by expert commentary. And perhaps, in a few years' time, some of the young people sitting in the auditorium will take their own place on the stage...

The concert takes place as part of the Felhangolva! programme supported by the MOL New Europe Foundation.

Age: 10-16 year
Presented by: Müpa Budapest


  • violin
    Kata Szöllősi
  • cello
    Csongor Kiss
  • piano
    Lili Farkas
  • Moderator
    Balázs Fülei

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