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Il signor Bruschino or the ice age aces

based on the opera by Gioachino Rossini

Béla Bartók National Concert Hall
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest
  • Matinée Concerts

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The two youths, Sofia and Florville, are in love. Their only desire is to finally be married. However, the girl's guardian, the stubborn Gaudenzio, envisages a far more advantageous match for Sofia. Which is when the mysterious Signor Bruschino steps into the picture, the guardian's candidate for her fiance, to ruin their plans. But will he? Everyone is talking about him, but who is he really? Who lies behind that disguise, and what kind of trials have to be faced before everyone can depart in happiness, or at least satisfaction?

Rossini's one-act piece is a perfect piece for an introduction to opera. It was a success from the very first moment. When audiences first saw and heard Il signor Bruschino, ossia Il figlio per azzardo, in Venice in 1813, they encountered a comic opera packed full of well-known characters, characteristic situations and subtle musical witticisms. Incidentally, the maestro Rossini held a particular affection for operatic farce: this work was the fifth piece in a series. Each of them could be performed by around half a dozen singers, who create theatrical entertainment in their portrayal of typical character troupes. They required a charming female soprano and a young tenor as her lover, around whom whirl comic figures that the couple struggle to comprehend. The genre itself encouraged the performers to improvise, as they also kept a keen eye on the events taking place in the auditorium. For every moment of the opera, the director Attila Toronykőy and his cast will show us that a witty farce could just as easily occur today as tomorrow or yesterday. Even in the Ice Age too, no doubt.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest

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  • Péter Oberfrank
  • Florville
    András Hajdú
  • Sofia
    N. N.
  • Gaudenzio
    András Kiss
  • old Bruschino
    Szabolcs Bognár
  • Filiberto
    N. N.
  • Bruschino Jr
    Zsolt Pintér
  • Marianna
    Mária Farkasréti
  • Policeman
    Hábetler András
  • Presto Chamber Ensemble (artistic director: Krisztina Weidemann-Tóth)
  • répétiteur
    Wanda Mazalin
  • visual designer, director
    Attila Toronykőy

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