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Freeing the Sun, the Moon and the Star

Interactive puppet show based on Hungarian folk tales

no interval
Glass Hall
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest
  • Mini Matinée

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Dragons, royal princesses, poor shepherd lads: the basic situation is quite familiar from folk tales, isn't it? In this two-person production from the Kereplő Family Theatre, the usual formula takes on a bit of a twist, with the little spectators becoming participants in the story and learning about folk culture as they take actual part in the series of heroic deeds. Ágnes Török and Károly Szívós have bags full of leapfrog, cowbell-ringing, turtle-pulling and dozens of other games awaiting the bravest children.

Ágnes Török and Károly Szívós are returning guests at Müpa Budapest: what they built together more than three decades ago has now become a genuine trademark. These wonderful puppeteers of the Kolibri Theatre are companions both in life and on stage: the productions of their two-person company called the Kereplő Family Theatre have all been born out of joy. They are invariably playful and speak to children in their own language. Freeing the Sun, the Moon and the Star is an update of the theme of the classic free-the-princess tales, with the active participation of the young viewers. Not only do they get to become parts of the story, they will also get to handle the simple, streamlined puppets designed by Ágnes Török. Károly Szívós also plays a great many roles. It is well worth your while observing his rapid transformations: he is particularly excellent as the dragons, each boasting more heads than the last one. The end result will be genuine experiential theatre, which expands the concept of fun learning when it connects the fabulous trials awaiting the little princes with playing folk games both forgotten and familiar: there will be blindfolded cowbell ringing, running in a symbolic sack, and so everything that stimulates the eyes and mouth. And in the end, the fate of the princesses takes a turn for the better.

Age: 3-8 year
Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • Ágnes Török, Károly Szívós
  • set, puppets, director
    Károly Szívós

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