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Eight Seasons - Vivaldi Featuring Talamba

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Festival Theatre
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest
  • Schools Concerts

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It would be no exaggeration to say that Vivaldi's nearly 300-year-old masterpiece The Four Seasons is one of the most famous pieces of classical music of all time. Though we have heard, and will continue to hear, countless versions of the piece, the adventure that the Talamba Percussion Group now invites us on is without doubt a unique event in that series. In order to enter a fruitful dialogue with the Baroque master, the members of the ensemble have paired some of their own compositions which possess a comparable mood to the symbolic movements that make the individual seasons of the year ‘audible'.

The Talamba Percussion Group, which will soon celebrate its 25th anniversary, was formed by a group of university friends. By crossing genres, or as they say, ‘reconciling' individual genres, the group are able to play concerts that are truly striking, in the strictest sense of the word. In addition to reimagining some of the great classics, they are also not averse to folk music or jazz. The idea of ‘doubling' the four seasons came at the start of the pandemic, where the opportunities not only to perform but also to rehearse was suddenly taken from them. It was no secret that they had long planned to adapt Vivaldi's work for violin and strings, composed in 1725, and it was during that period of confinement that they took their first steps. From each movement, they prepared a musical recording and a video for each season, before having a second idea: they decided to seek out their own compositions whose mood best fitted the work of the Baroque composer. Though in each case they they also played around a little with the original sound, of course. The Talamba's summer explores the coastline, folk songs are twinned with autumn, the virtuoso beats of winter capture the essence of the coldest season, before finally spring follows a drop of water on its long journey from its birth to the moment it reaches the ocean.

Age: 10-14 year
Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • Tamás V. Nagy
    László Grünvald
    Miklós Szitha
    Levente Zombor

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