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Délibáb Company: The Lost Kingdom

Once upon time, there was?

Glass Hall
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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Once upon time, there was? New times require new stories, and the Délibáb (Mirage) Company's action-packed puppet show was created with that idea in mind. The lost kingdom of the title is none other than our dearly loved Earth, which we must all work together to protect. Wind Fairy, Forest Imp and Golden Whale must break free at all costs from the garbage monsters keeping them prisoner. Their wish is granted when a brave little boy wanders over to the Kingdom of the Colourful Hills to help.

The musicians, dancers and puppet artists of the Délibáb Company, which was formed in 2019, get together to educate and entertain both children and adults alike. Their goal is to create demanding performances of the highest quality in both artistic and educational terms. The Lost Kingdom is a vital part of their repertoire, as it deals with one of the burning issues of the day: environmental protection and the impact of mankind on the natural environment. And, of course, the most important question contained within that topic: how can we stop tragic processes taking place? In this tabletop puppet show, which is recommended for children aged three to eight and features live music from Tamás Sólyom, the audience will encounter some loveable characters that will help them understand the significance of the threats to their habit. Fortunately, the heroic little boy immediately rushes to help the animals, meaning that not alone, but together with his new friends he will succeed in saving the world. Anyone can be a superhero, of course, and the activity following the concert will introduce the audience members to the reality behind the play. With singing, the language of music and direct contact with the puppets, the children will playfully come to experience and understand why it is so important for us to preserve the wonders of nature that surround us.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest

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  • Wind Fairy
    Nóra Revuczky
  • Forest Imp
    Dóra Goitein-Dezséri / Gergely Goitein
  • Golden Whale
    Júlia Szörényi / Kornélia Budavári-Soós
  • Little Boy
    Gábor Matolcsy
  • Live music during the performance
    Tamás Sólyom
  • Written by
    Lili Fabacsovics
  • Director
    Júlia Szörényi
  • Set and puppets
    Miklós Sári, Kata Vincze
  • Music
    Tamás Sólyom

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