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Day of Hungarian Poetry

no interval
Blue Hall, Glass Hall, Festival Theatre
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest
  • Liszt Fest

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Attila József's birthday, 11 April, was named the Day of Hungarian Poetry in 1964. Over the decades, many efforts have been made to turn this day into an impressive event with a variety of messages. Today, perhaps the ‘unassuming' goal worth setting is to make poetry a part of not only a red-letter day, but of every day of our lives, to make reading poetry a self-evident, natural activity, a talking point that sparks debates invigorating the soul, whether it is the poetry of our time or the classics. The festival considers it especially important to reach out to the future readers, the secondary school students who are just dipping their toes in poetry, for which we enlist the help of such big names as Márton Simon, Zoltán Beck, Judit Ágnes Kiss and Miklós H. Vecsei.

9-9.45am MIHÁLY, or, the Ghosts of a City - A music introduction to the Csokonai universe

Featuring: Mihály Balázsovics (MC Tink) - prose, Gábor Subicz - trumpet, Zsolt Prieger - electronic instruments

11-11.45am Sándor Petőfi and the contemporary poetry

Featuring: Szűcsinger (Krisztián Szűcs & Balázs Szálinger)

2-2.45pm Poetry of Attila József

Performed by: Miklós H. Vecsei
Featuring: Huba Ratkóczi - guitar

10-10.45am Are Lyrics Poetry? - A chat with Zoltán Beck (30Y)
12-12.45pm Required Reading - A chat with János Háy
1-1.45pm Rhyme Compulsion - A chat with 6363 and Sisi

10-10.45am Tímea Turi and Anna Ott
12-12.45pm Márton Simon and Anna Ott
1-1.45pm Judit Ágnes Kiss and István Vörös

Age: 14-18 year
Presented by: Müpa Budapest

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Liszt Fest

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