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Budapest Dance Theatre: Ervin Lázár: The Smallest Witch

Dance drama

Festival Theatre
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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Not even witches are what they used to be... That is one of the main lessons of The Smallest Witch (A legkisebb boszorkány), Ervin Lázár's story that features a succession of magic spells. The heroic King Miklós Kis falls head over heels in love with the most beautiful girl in the world, Tercia the Fairy, and as unbelievable as it may sound, Amarilla, the smallest witch, constantly helps the hero in his quest, even if her own heart beats for him too. This now-classic story is adapted for the stage from the much-read book with the help of the artists of the Budapest Dance Theatre.

The Budapest Dance Theatre, founded in 1991, needs no introduction for Müpa audiences, given that in recent years at the Festival Theatre it has produced memorable dance performances aimed specifically at children, including Alice in Wonderland, Pinocchio and Once Upon a Time at a Dog Fair in Buda. The Harangozó Award-winning choreographer Béla Földi, who has always considered it essential to teach children to 'read' the entertaining, lively and action-packed genre of ballet, has now looked to the writings of the great storyteller Ervin Lázár. The Smallest Witch is full of adventure and excitement. The story contains countless elements from our favourite fairytales, from young lovers to a malevolent spirit envious of their happiness, opposing forces obstructing the hero and the trials and tribulations of his lengthy journey. The most enthralling character, however, remains the witch of the title role, Amarilla, the red-haired, freckled, tiny girl who is nowhere near as cruel as certain members of her witch family would like her to be. The tale is given a new lease of life by Zsuzsa Molnár's colourful stage set and Esszencia Produkció's songs infused with element of folk music, classical music and jazz, not to mention of course the artists of the Budapest Dance Theatre.

Age: 4-12 year
Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • the dancers of the Budapest Dance Theatre
  • actors
    Kriszta Borbény
    Borka Vilma Boros
    Zoltán Boros
    Péter Fehérvári
    Nelli Kontha
    Bernadett Magyar
    László Merk
    Máté Pásztor
    Anikó Szabó
    Detti Szuromi
    Alex Tóth
  • music
    Esszencia Produkció
  • Music
    Róbert Lakatos
  • Set design and costumes
    Zsuzsa Molnár
  • Dramaturg, narrator
    Zoltán Boros
  • Director-choreographer
    Béla Földi

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