dance, contemporary circus

Yvette Bozsik Company: Antigone

Dance drama in two parts

one interval
Festival Theatre

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In Sophocles's drama, Antigone's brothers have died at each other's hands. Although the king has declared one of them a traitor, Antigone plans to defy his command and bury her sibling. In this tale from ancient Greece, morality clashes with power as both sisterly and romantic love attempt to overcome the law, eventually culminating in tragedy.

To create the music for the dance drama Antigone, Paris-based Swiss composer Philippe Heritier has reconceived and revised Carl Orff's own 1949 dramatic opera on the same classical theme to give it a contemporary sound and effects. Yvette Bozsik's choreography captures the fatalism of the Greek drama and its still-relevant message in dramatic images and movements that harmonise with the music, the stage design and the radiance of the dancers.
Sponsored by: National Cultural Fund

Presented by: National Dance Theatre

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  • music
    based on the works of Carl Orff, Philippe Heritier
  • costumes
    Sosa Juristovszky
  • visual design
    József Pető, Tamás Vati
  • lighting
    József Pető
  • rehearsal director
    Erika Soós
  • video, creative producer
    Marcell Iványi
  • choreographer
    Yvette Bozsik
  • Antigone
    Kinga Szent-Ivány
  • Ismene
    Brigitta Hortobágyi
  • Eurydice
    Samantha Kettle
  • Teiresias
    Tamás Vati
  • Creon
    József Hámor
  • Haemon
    Szabolcs Gombai
  • Messenger
    Attila Kalmár
  • Dóra Hasznos
    Anna Bujdosó
    Tímea Sebestyén
    Judit Somorjai
    Zsófia Széki
    Rebeka Tóth
    Zoltán Csere
    János Feledi
    Dániel Krizsán
    Zsolt Aradi
    Ádám Zambrzycki
    Gábor Vida
    Levente Nagy

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