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Recirquel: The Naked Clown

dance, contemporary circus

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  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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It has been a busy year for Recirquel, the first Hungarian contemporary circus company. Making their debut in 2013, Bence Vági's troupe pulled off a season of sell-out shows and a successful Russian tour. A favourite with the audience of the Palace of Arts, they are now preparing a new production for the Budapest Spring Festival. The Naked Clown invites viewers to a ball, where the scenes centre around the same question: how many layers and masks need to be removed before one's sheer nature is revealed?
This recording was made at a performance held at Müpa Budapest on 19 April 2014.

The performance will be broadcasted on our webpage, Facebook and Youtube channels.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest

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  • Writer, choreographer, director
    Bence Vági
  • Composer
    Péter Sárik
  • Set design
    Judit Csanádi
  • Costumes
    Kriszta Berzsenyi
  • Lighting Designer
    József Pető
  • Dramaturg
    Dorka Gergely
  • Orchestrator
    Kornél Almási
  • Acrobat coach
    Böbe Ócsai
  • Make-up
    Szilvia Ipacs
  • Hair stylist
    Ádám Maton
  • The Clown
    Brigitta Egyed
  • Dancers
    Zita Horváth, Andrea Orbán, Gabriella Pálfi, Lajos Péter Túri, Gábor Zsíros
  • Vocal
    Judit Cigány
  • Juggler
    Laido Dittmar
  • Aerial tissue, cube, handstand
    Renátó Illés
  • Foot juggler, clown
    Áron Pintér
  • Chinese pole, rope
    Richárd Herczeg
  • Ball, clown
    Leonetta Lakatos
  • tight wire, handstand
    Zsanett Veres
  • Trampoline
    Olivér Ott, Máté Törő, Zsolt Némedi, Andrea Szabó

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