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Recirquel Budapest: Solus Amor

no interval
Festival Theatre
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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Love is all there is: The latest production by Recirquel Budapest, Hungary's leading contemporary circus company, brings forth the only primeval energy that spans space and time to connect us all. Directed by artistic director Bence Vági, Solus Amor employs "cirque danse”, a genre created with and by the company over the course of several years, in a monumental production drawing its power from our contemporary yearning for nature and wonderment.

A few years ago, a new genre was born here in Budapest: foreign critics were the first to dub this novel art form "cirque danse" as created by Bence Vági and his globetrotting circus company. Contemporary circus fused with traditional and modern dance brings this hybrid genre to the stage: acrobatics inspire amazement and awe, while dance facilitates self-expression, relays the subtler shades of meaning and tells a story. Following the international success of Non Solus and My Land, Solus Amor completes the trilogy by telling the story of the emotion that binds our universe, love. The music for this celebration of love was composed by Edina Szirtes. Behind the extraordinary visuals and unique sound effects lies the creative team of Gábor Terjék, sound designer, Péter Klimó, who designed the awe-inspiring set, and costume designer Emese Kasza. The performance's special 'guest star' is a bear constructed by the world-renowned South African puppeteer Janni Younge. Under Bence Vági's direction, the acrobats and dancers move together to bring this colossal being to life.

The premiere was presented by Müpa Budapest and Recirquel Budapest.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • Gergely Bagdi
    Ádám Fehér
    Zita Horváth
    Renátó Illés
    Sergii Materynskyi
    Yevheniia Obolonina
    Eszter Seguí-Fábián
    Frederico Silva
    Gáspár Téri
    Kristóf Várnagy
    Gábor Zsíros
  • Music
    Edina Szirtes
  • Puppets
    Janni Younge
  • Set
    Péter Klimó
  • Floating curtain design
    Péter Klimó, Bence Vági, Tamás Vladár
  • Costumes
    Emese Kasza
  • Costume production
    Klára Muladi
  • Sound
    Gábor Terjék
  • Lighting
    Attila Lenzsér, József Pető
  • Flight designer, technical director
    Tamás Vladár
  • Répétiteur
    Zita Horváth
  • Aerial acrobatics choreographer
    Renátó Illés
  • Creative assistant to the director
    Gábor Zsíros
  • Assistant to the director
    Aliz Schlecht
  • Choreographer, director
    Bence Vági

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