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Recirquel Budapest: Solus Amor

Festival Theatre
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest
  • CAFe Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival
The performance has been cancelled.

We regret to inform you that the performance has been cancelled.

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Following Non Solus, the story of two bodies and a soul uniting, and My Land, which portrayed the connection between the earth and humanity, the world-famous Hungarian contemporary circus company now presents a new production. Solus Amor is an organic follow-up to the first two parts, and brings the trilogy to completion.
Directed by artistic director Bence Vági, and fusing contemporary circus with classical and modern dance, Solus Amor is a monumental aerial production that employs "cirque danse,” a new genre in performing art created with and by the company in the course of several years. The production, which evokes the only, primeval energy that spans all space and time, and connects us all, draws its power from the contemporary yearning for nature and wonders. In Bence Vági's concept "the space of the stage and the characters will envelope the audience in the manner of natural essences, facilitating complete immersion for the viewers as do ancient prayers.”

This performance of the CAFe Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival is presented by Müpa Budapest and Recirquel Budapest.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest

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  • Gergely Bagdi
    László Farkas
    Ádám Fehér
    Zita Horváth
    Renátó Illés
    Gáspár Téri
    Kristóf Várnagy
    Zsanett Veress
    Csilla Wittmann
    Gábor Zsíros
  • voice
    Edina Mókus Szirtes
  • Music
    Edina Mókus Szirtes
  • Puppets
    Janni Younge
  • Set
    Péter Klimó
  • Costumes
    Emese Kasza
  • Costumes produced by
    Klára Muladi
  • Sound
    Gábor Terjék
  • Lighting
    Attila Lenzsér, József Pető
  • Air acrobats' choreographer
    Renátó Illés
  • Flight designer, technical director
    Tamás Vladár
  • Rehearsal director
    Zita Horváth
  • Creative assistant to the director
    Gábor Zsíros
  • Assistant to the director
    Aliz Schlecht
  • Choreographer, director
    Bence Vági

CAFe Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival

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