dance, contemporary circus

Hungarian State Folk Ensemble: His Cross Blossomed

Dance drama for the feast of Easter

no interval
Béla Bartók National Concert Hall
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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The Hungarian State Folk Ensemble's dance production for the Easter holiday relies as much on the liturgies of the different denominations as on the ancient peasant customs and songs of regions in the Carpathian Basin that lie at great distances from each other. The respective Easter rituals of the Székely Land, the Rábaköz, former Upper Hungary and the south of the Great Hungarian Plain - both Christian and pagan - are linked in a unified dramatic form.
The exciting musical fabric of the performance consists not only of folk songs, religious folk tunes and dance music, but also the Easter-themed songs of the Roman Catholic, Protestant, Greek Catholic and Orthodox churches, as well as archaic folk prayers. Most of the latter are rooted in the distant past, the time before the conversion to Christianity.

This performance of the Bartók Spring was presented by Müpa Budapest as a joint event with Hungarian Heritage House - Hungarian State Folk Ensemble.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • dancers and orchestra of the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble
  • voice
    Júlia Kubinyi, Eszter Pál, Milán Hetényi
  • koboz
    Ilona Molnár
  • accordion
    Gábor Gera
  • organ
    Domonkos Farkas
  • ütőgardon, drums
    Gergely Okos
  • Saint Ephraim Male Choir (artistic directors: Tamás Bubnó, Lőrinc Bubnó)
  • Concert Ensemble of Budapesti Énekes Iskola (artistic directors: Tamás Bubnó, János Mezei)
  • students of the Hungarian Dance Academy (head of department: Béla Ónodi)
  • students of the Deák Diák Musical Primary and Grammar School
  • Music editors
    István Szalonna Pál, Tamás Bubnó, Attila Gera, Milán Hetényi, Attila Mihó
  • Music director, artistic director
    István Szalonna Pál
  • Music director
    Tamás Nyitrai
  • band director
    Ferenc Radics
  • dance ensemble director
    György Ágfalvi
  • dance ensemble assistants
    Beatrix Borbély, Katalin Jávor, Máté Farkas , Zoltán ifj. Zsuráfszky
  • Ethnography consultant
    János Vas
  • Production design
    György Árvai
  • Animation
    Zsolt Korai
  • Traditional costumes consultants
    Krisztina Palik, Edit Szűcs, Borbála Winklerné Petri-Kiss
  • Costumes
    Edit Szűcs
  • Sound
    Péter Szabó
  • Lighting
    Ákos Gimpel
  • Assistants to the choreographers
    Beatrix Borbély, Andrea Lévay
  • Choreographers
    György Ágfalvi
    Máté Farkas
    Klára Hetényi-Kulcsár
    Zsolt Juhász
    Gábor Mihályi
  • director choreographer, ensemble director
    Gábor Mihályi

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