• Budapest Spring Festival

Feketetó (Black Lake)

dance, contemporary circus

Festival Theatre
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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Negreni (Feketetó, "Black Lake”) is a small village in Romania, where a national fair has been held every autumn since the 19th century. In a multi-ethnic country, which is shared by Romanians, Hungarians, Roma, Jews and Saxons, it was natural that the fair should also be a meeting point of cultures.

Until the end of 20th century, musicians would bring along their instruments. It was enough to take a walk through the fair to enjoy the music of different ethnicities, with mutual influence being a very real, rather than virtual, experience.

"What Feketetó as a symbolic space means for me is the equal value of cultures: they connect, rather than divide, us. And it may be easier to respect and accept an ‘alien' culture if you can see your own face in it.” (Károly Cserepes)

Presented by: Budapest Spring Festival

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  • voice
    Ágnes Herczku, Erika Demeter, Rémusz Eötvös
  • prose
    Gábor Chován, Levente Dimény, Tamás Herczeg, Zola Szabó
  • Harangozó Prize-winning dance artists
  • folk dance students of Hungarian Dance Academy (head of department: Gyöngyvér Hortobágyi)
  • soloist of the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble
  • children dancers of Bartina Folk Dance Association (artistic director: Julianna Matókné Kapási)
  • former members of the János Bihari Dance Ensemble
  • musicians of Etnofon Music Company
  • music
    Károly Cserepes, Ferenc Kiss
  • music director
    Ferenc Kiss
  • lyrics
    Robert Balogh
  • set
    Edit Zeke
  • costumes
    Ágnes Bobor
  • choreographers
    János Appelshoffer, Orza Călin, Gábor Mihályi, Tünde Rémi, Miklós Végső
  • Stage adaptation by
    Jolán Foltin, Eszter Novák
  • director, choreographer
    Jolán Foltin

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