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Duna Art Ensemble: Our Beloved Kalotaszeg

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Festival Theatre

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"If we judge this land of Kalotaszeg from the window of a train dashing across its length, then we might determine that the overwhelming part of it is monotonous, dreary, even sad. […] The uninterrupted disarray of rocky, barren hills. […] It is, at a glance, a sad and melancholy landscape. But the air is wonderfully clean and the lines of the whimsical hills are sharp, their silhouettes distinct, and the patches of color and contours of the fields and meadows of this fanciful place are indeed strangely unique. In this cold and sharply drawn landscape, the artist's eye, as in a finely composed picture, will take notice of man among his wonderful contrasts and creations. Perhaps nowhere else than in the outlines and colors of the steely hard and cold Kalotaszeg landscape would the region's brightly colored folk dress be so greatly affecting with its white, red, yellow and black patches set against the warmly dark, gray-brown, pointed shingled church towers boring into the bright, cold blue sky, the tent-like house roofs above snow-white walls and between the green branches of small gardens. The typical region of Kalotaszeg in its entirety is, even today, a serious experience for every person of healthy eye and soul, and for anyone who loves and understands beauty.” (Károly Kós)

The première was presented by Müpa Budapest and Hungarian National Dance Ensemble.

Presented by: National Dance Theatre

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  • voice
    Andrea Navratil, István Berecz
  • Göncöl Band
  • music
    Zoltán Dulai, László Kelemen, Andrea Navratil
  • costumes
    Rita Furik
  • visual design, set
  • lighting
    Károly Lendvai
  • animation
    Bence Samu, Gáspár Hajdú, Tamás Lakos (XORXOR)
  • dance masters
    Ádám Gyémánt, Lívia Gyémánt-Csontos
  • choreographer
    Dezső Fitos, Enikő Kocsis, Zsolt Juhász, Gábor Mihályi
  • director
    Zsolt Juhász

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