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Danube Art Ensemble: Beautiful Mezőség - premiere

no interval
Festival Theatre
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest
  • Liszt Fest

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Inspired by the success of its production, Our Love, Kalotaszeg, the Danube Art Ensemble chooses again to focus on the folk art and dance tradition of a single region, this time the Mezőség (Câmpia Transilvaniei) in Transylvania. The Mezőség is highly prized by those who love folk art, and the region has attracted countless amateur and professional collectors. Béla Bartók, Zoltán Kodály, László Lajtha, Károly Kós, Zoltán Kallós, György Martin, Sándor Tímár and Ferenc Novák are just some of the many researchers whose work has saved the archaic folk art of the Mezőség from oblivion. The region is home to some 300 settlements, and an archaic culture of dance and music that is particularly rich thanks to the intertwining and interaction of Hungarian, Romanian, Romany and Saxon cultures. This production revolves around this kind of multiculturalism.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest

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  • voice
    Andrea Navratil
  • prose
    Károly Tóth
  • accordion
    Zsolt Barcza
  • Göncöl Band
  • Music editors
    Zoltán Dulai
    Gergely Koncz
    Albert Mohácsy
    Andrea Navratil
  • Set
    Gábor Michac
  • Costumes
    Borbála Winklerné Petri-Kiss
  • Lighting, animation
    Károly Lendvai
  • Dancer masters
    Norbert Busai
    Zsuzsanna Busai
    Ágnes Farkas
    Ignác Kádár
    Anett Nagypál
    Csaba Szabó
    Balázs Sáfrán
  • Consultant
    Sándor Varga
  • Choreographers
    Enikő Kocsis, Dezső Fitos, Zsolt Juhász, Tamás Farkas
  • Assistants to the director
    Katalin Bonifert, Gyula András Soós
  • Director
    Zsolt Juhász

Liszt Fest

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