dance, contemporary circus

Company FrenÁk: Secret Off_Man

no interval
Festival Theatre
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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The Kossuth Prize-winning dance artist and choreographer Pál Frenák is a living legend, one who will evoke the iconic elements of his unmistakable dramatic world in this performance of his being prepared for the 40th anniversary of the launch of his creative efforts. Just like he has done so often in his long and fruitful career, this time he will once again be searching for unspoken (and unspeakable) secrets when he sets out on the trail of a classic story to relate the desires and mysteries that surround all men, all humanity. He does all this through lean, beautiful and intelligent bodies and stunning and unique visuals.

Frenák is a tireless creative artist on the Hungarian contemporary dance scene, one whose works can be immediately recognised and identified based on a single still image or short scene. The other unique trademarks of this closed world alongside the invariably striking visuality are the purposefully edited musical world and, of course, the dancers' bodies worked with exhausting thoroughness. The work, which in its creator's usual fashion is built from fragments, discomfits and unsettles the viewer when the ordinary collides with the sublime, as do desires with fears, on the stage at the same time. Even now, Frenák makes no assertions, but instead persistently asks questions: he investigates the mystery of the man and, in a broader sense, all humankind, through the associations attached to the figure. The man is driven by internal compulsions: the secret is his alone, but the feeling of the secret floating around him can touch anyone who comes close to him. Organic forms of movement and acoustic sensations based on fragments of sound, sometimes fading away, beating or pulsating, lead the curious and open-minded viewer into the possible proximity of the secret.

The performance is not recommended for audiences under the age of 18.

The première was presented by Müpa Budapest as a joint event with Company FrenÁk as part of the Bartók Spring.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • Anibal Dos Santos
    Fruzsina Kaiser
    Emma Lőrincz
    Erika Vasas
    Eoin Mac Donncha
    Milán Maurer
    Patrik Keresztes
  • Music
    Gábor Halász, Máté Hunyadi
  • Visual design
    Victoria Frenák
  • Set design
    Péter Kiss, Szabolcs Molnár
  • Costumes
    Mariann Henez
  • Make-up
    Szilvia Ipacs
  • Lighting
    Máté Vajda
  • Sound
    András Horváth
  • Dramaturgical consultant
    Dr Nóra Horváth
  • Concept
  • Choreography

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