Ballet Pécs: Carmen

dance, contemporary circus

one interval
Festival Theatre

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'The story of Carmen, the emotional extremes of the characters and Bizet's music are very powerful and inspirational. For me, the main inspiration comes from the abrupt shifts in the story and the music. I feel an affinity with the unpredictability and impulsiveness of the characters, which derives from their overwrought emotional condition. How can someone move from an idyllic state of calm to the edge of insanity in a moment? How can passion overpower rationality? What is the source of the primeval force of nature which leads to tragedy, and why is it impossible to resist? What separates love, passion and the desire to possess? Is passionate love essentially a deranged state?
To portray Carmen's sensuality and express the wild swing of her emotions in dance is a wonderful opportunity. In my opinion, bringing to life and shaping the complex character and changing attitude of Don José is an even greater challenge for the choreographer and the dancer. For me, he is the central figure, and the true drama belongs to him. A simple and honourable, pure-hearted man is turned inside out by his insane love for Carmen. His desire overpowers the virtue that dwells within him, until finally he loses his senses and commits the greatest crime of taking Carmen's life when he realises she cannot be his. Don José's inner conflict is a passionate male drama, and it is this which I wish to reproduce on stage.” (Balázs Vincze)

Presented by: National Dance Theatre

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  • composers
    Bizet-Shchedrin, Richárd Riederauer
  • dramaturg
    Dóra Uhrik, György Böhm
  • set, costumes
    Zsuzsa Molnár
  • director-choreographer
    Balázs Vincze, Zoltán Imre
  • assistant choreographer
    Tünde Czebe
  • Carmen
    Katalin Ujvári
  • Don José
    Zsolt Molnár (13 April), Márton Szabó (25 June)
  • Escamillo
    Szilárd Tuboly (13 April), Péter Koncz (25 June)
  • Micaela
    Írisz Nagy (13 April), Mónika Kócsy (25 June)
  • Zuniga
    Lőrinc Soma Kerekes (13 April), Dávid Matola (25 June)
  • Sára Dowidat
  • Edina Frank
  • Zoé Hoffman Virág
  • Fruzsina Kaiser
  • Theodóra Szécsi
  • Máté Harka
  • Péter Koncz
  • Dávid Matola
  • Márton Szabó
  • Bánk Téglás
  • Máté Varga

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