dance, contemporary circus

Ballet Company of Győr: Peer Gynt

one interval
Festival Theatre
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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Pursuing happiness, love and affection through countless adventures across this great wide world, but still eventually finding a final peace in the arms of his beloved, Peer Gynt is one of the most complex characters in 19th-century drama. The challenges of staging and absorbing the play are always exceptional tests of strength for the director and the audience. This is particular true when the genre changes, as is the case here: this full-evening choreography by László Velekei, head of the Ballet Company of Győr, offers a distinctly unique and completely new reading.

"This is not the Peer Gynt, this is my Peer Gynt. His figure is a dim mirror in which I seem to see myself,” says László Velekei, the choreographer of the two-act piece first presented in Győr in the winter of 2022. Henrik Ibsen's monumental poem of humanity has enriched the repertoire of the great spoken theatres, even though the fairy tales and real-life figures and locations, along with the events both improbable and highly realistic that appear in it, present an almost impossible task to whoever attempts to stage it. Perhaps this could be the key to this production by the Ballet Company of Győr: freedom of association. With young new dancers rejuvenating the team, the legendary dance group and its choreographer are assisted by such co-creators as set designer Mara Bozóki, who matches the wildly romantic mountains with a severe hospital setting, and costume designer Rita Velich, who evokes the four basic elements and the human circulatory system in her clothing. Playing a key role in the interpretation of dramaturg Alexandra Csepi is Ibsen's own period in history, a time that saw growing interest in the human psyche and its functioning. And this opens a gateway to the present day: the fallen Peer Gynt, waiting for redemption, is someone we know well.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • Assistant
    Levente Bajári
  • Costumes
    Rita Velich
  • Costume production
    Gabi Győri
  • Set design
    Mara Bozóki
  • Visual design
    Lajos Katavics
  • Lighting
    Ferenc Stadler
  • Music
  • Original work by
    Henrik Ibsen
  • Dramaturg
    Alexandra Csepi
  • Choreographer
    László Velekei

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