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Ballet Company of Győr: One Way to Heaven

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Festival Theatre
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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With four decades behind it, the Ballet Company of Győr continues to be in top form as Hungary's leading provincial dance workshop. The evergreen team has been led since 2020 by László Velekei, whose latest creation draws on the catchy tunes of Jamie Winchester and Róbert Hrutka, perhaps Hungary's most successful pop music duo, for inspiration. On stage, the life of a man appears surrounded by all those who fill his monotonous weekdays with meaning: the women accompanying him on his journey.

If you wanted to summarise the Hungarian pop music trends of the first decade of the 2000s, you would be sure to mention the duo of Jamie Winchester, who was born in Ireland but arrived in Hungary fresh faced only to live here for decades and create several bands, and Róbert Hrutka, the youthful 'great old man' of Hungarian advertising and film music, who is also a master of laying down remarkable studio albums. Their journey together began in 2001 with the melody from an advertising film, after which they spent 7 years inspiring each other and producing hits that don't just make their fans' hearts beat a little faster to this day. On this occasion, the music for the production will be provided live in conjunction with a string quartet and several outstanding musicians. It is to these songs that László Velekei, the choreographer-director of the Ballet Company of Győr, composed a concert-style dance performance: the genre of narrative ballet and the songs with their own stories and unique styles do not make poor bedfellows, on the contrary. In this production by the members of the company, we get to know a man drifting between love affairs, sometimes happily, at other times painfully. His joys and sorrows in the amusement park called life are perhaps shared by the audience. It is the women that appear at the side of this man who fill the stage with life. Sometimes they give him love, sometimes they leave him, and they either adore him or hate him in turn.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • A man
    Luigi Iannone
  • Women from his life
    Lili Anna Marjai
    Adrienn Matuza
    Tatiana Shipilova
  • Girls
    Tetiana Baranovska
    Gerda Guti
    Eszter Adria Herkovics
    Eszter Kovács
    Franciska Nagy
    Barbara Tüű
    Viktória Tran
    Rebeka Szendrey
    Lea Napsugár Joó
  • Boys
    Luka Dimic
    Patrik Engelbrecht
    Máté Gémesi
    Borna Cicak
    Zoltán Jekli
    Thales Henrique
    Bánk Téglás
    Daichi Uematsu
    Richard Szentiványi
  • vocals, guitar
    Jamie Winchester
  • guitar
    Róbert Hrutka
  • bass guitar
    Gábor Giret
  • drums
    Ádám Markó
  • keyboards
    Zoltán Galambos
  • percussion, vocals
    Domonkos Dely
  • violin
    Gábor Csonka, Árpád Szabó
  • viola
    Krisztina Haraszti
  • cello
    Kinga Gál
  • Assistant
    Artem Pozdeev, Zsuzsa Jónás
  • Music
    Jamie Winchester, Róbert Hrutka
  • Costumes
    Gabi Győri
  • Visual design
    Lajos Katavics, Tamás Vargha
  • Lighting
    Ferenc Stadler
  • Dramaturg
    Alexandra Csepi
  • Choreographer-director
    László Velekei

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