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Wagner: Götterdämmerung

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We would like, even during this extraordinary situation, for the Müpa Budapest audience to still be able to encounter the world's most outstanding and thrilling artists each evening - this time in their own homes. It is precisely for this reason that we have decided to unlock our media library for everyone over the weeks to come and - each night at the familiar times - open Müpa Budapest's virtual concert hall and auditoriums by providing access to a single unforgettable performance from past years.

The performance will be broadcasted on our website, Facebook-page and YouTube channel.

The acclaimed cast of performers for the last evening in the tetralogy is joined by a world-class Wagnerian singer whose name all but predestined her to play the part of Brünnhilde's warrior sister. There is no leading opera house in which Waltraud Meier has not performed, nor any great Wagnerian conductor with whom she has not worked - Abbado, Barenboim, Levine, Maazel, Mehta and Sinopoli, to name but a few. At the Bayreuth Festival, the Mecca of Wagner's music, she performed on no less than 23 occasions between 1983 and 2000, sometimes taking on roles in two operas.
In what promises to be an extraordinary closing performance, Siegfried is played by Stefan Vinke, who earned the title of ”superstar” for his portrayal of the hero stripped of his memories in the Seattle Opera's 2013 production of The Ring. Critics enthused over not only his tireless voice, but his powerful stage presence and inventive interpretation of his character. Iréne Theorin played Brünnhilde in the joint production of The Ring by the Berlin State Opera and Milan's La Scala conducted by Daniel Barenboim, and was also seen for years on the Green Hill at Bayreuth in productions under Christian Thielemann and Ádám Fischer. The Hungarian conductor stood on the podium for four consecutive years between 2001 and 2004 to conduct the tetralogy from the distinctive orchestra pit of the Bayreuth Festspielhaus, and has since managed to convince numerous Bayreuth guest artists to perform at the Budapest Wagner Days thereby securing additional prestige for this unique initiative of the Müpa Budapest.
This recording was made at a concert held at Müpa Budapest on 14 June 2015.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest

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  • Ádám Fischer
  • Siegfried
    Stefan Vinke
  • Brünhilde
    Irene Theorin
  • Waltraute
    Waltraud Meier
  • Gunther
    Oskar Hillebrandt
  • Hagen
    Kurt Rydl
  • Alberich
    Hartmut Welker
  • Gutrune
    Polina Pasztircsák
  • 1st. Norn
    Erika Gál
  • 2nd. Norn
    Judit Németh
  • 3rd. Norn
    Eszter Wierdl
  • Woglinde
    Polina Pasztircsák
  • Wellgunde
    Gabriella Fodor
  • Flosshilde
    Zsófia Kálnay
  • Hungarian Radio Choir (chorus master: Zoltán Pad)
  • Budapest Studio Choir (chorus master: Kálmán Strausz)
  • Hungarian Radio Symphonic Orchestra
  • Dance
    Zoltán Csere, István Gantner, Dóra Szelőczey, Kinga Szent-Ivány, Gábor Vida, Judit Somorjai, Kitty Balkányi, Zoltán Katonka
  • Dramaturg
    Christian Martin Fuchs †
  • Costume and puppet designer
    Corinna Crome
  • Lighting Design
    Andreas Grüter
  • Video
    Momme Hinrichs, Torge Møller (fettFilm)
  • Choreographer
    Gábor Vida
  • Revival director
    Rebekka Stanzel
  • Director, set designer
    Hartmut Schörghofer
  • Musical director
    Orsolya Fajger
  • Musical assistant
    László Bartal, Gergely Dubóczky, Tamás Salgó


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