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Wagner: Die Walküre

Béla Bartók National Concert Hall
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest
  • Budapest Wagner Days

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To the extent that Das Rheingold is rich in colour and fairy-tale-like elements, Die Walküre, the second night of the Ring cycle, matches it with sweeping power and passion. After the heart-wrenching reunion of the long-separated siblings Siegmund and Sieglinde, the death of the young hero both shocks and stirs, and by depicting the release of memories that had been repressed in the depths of the mind, Wagner foreshadows Freudian thought. Psychoanalysis in the shadow of dramatic events: that is the essence of Die Walküre.

The public first encountered Das Rheingold in September 1869, with Die Walküre premiering in June 1870. Both performances were staged at Munich's Royal National Theatre at the impatient urging of Wagner's devoted patron, King Louis II of Bavaria. Although each of the Ring operas can be performed as a separate work, Die Walküre is perhaps the part of The Ring of the Nibelung that stands most readily on its own and, being integrally connected to the German Romantic opera tradition, is the one most often and most willingly performed as an independent work. The exceptional quality of Müpa Budapest's Ring cycle, imprinted from the beginning by the artistic direction of Ádám Fischer, derives from the extraordinary performances by the singers as they tackle the four works on four consecutive days, in accordance with the composer's instructions. Taking the stage as Brünnhilde at this year's performance is one of the most significant contributors to the history of the Wagner Days, the Swedish dramatic soprano Iréne Theorin. She is not the only one who clashes with Johan Reuter's Wotan: so does Atala Schöck, as Fricka. Singing Siegmund will be Danish tenor Magnus Vigilius, whom the Müpa Budapest audience will remember from the 2021 online broadcast, with Jongmin Park - who made his debut here by jumping in as Hunding in 2022 - also returning in 2024 to shine both in that role and as Fafner. Sieglinde will be portrayed by Karine Babajanyan, who made her Budapest Wagner Days debut in the same role in 2022, to great acclaim.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest
  • Ádám Fischer
  • Siegmund
    Magnus Vigilius
  • Hunding
    Jongmin Park
  • Wotan
    Johan Reuter
  • Sieglinde
    Karine Babajanyan
  • Brünnhilde
    Iréne Theorin
  • Fricka
    Atala Schöck
  • Gerhilde
    Zita Váradi
  • Ortlinde
    Beatrix Fodor
  • Waltraute
    Gabriella Fodor
  • Schwertleite
    Szilvia Szilágyi
  • Helmwige
    Adrienn Miksch
  • Siegrune
    Éva Várhelyi
  • Grimgerde
    Erika Gál
  • Rossweisse
    Zsófia Kálnay
  • dancers
    Zoltán Csere
    Laura Fehér
    János Feledi
    Ádám Frigy
    István Horváth
    Zoltán Katonka
    Krisztián Kelemen
    Richárd Kovács
    Noémi Siklósy
    Katalin Stáry
    Brigitta Tóth
    Milán Újvári
    Dalma Wéninger
  • Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra
  • Dramaturg
    Christian Martin Fuchs †, Dr. Christian Baier
  • Costumes and puppet design
    Corinna Crome
  • Lighting
    Máté Vajda
  • Choreographer
    Gábor Vida
  • Assistant conductor
    János Kovács
  • Musical assistants
    László Bartal
    Gábor Bartinai
    Dóra Bizják
    Martin Rajna
  • Revival director
    Etelka Polgár
  • Director
    Hartmut Schörghofer

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