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Nosferatu - silent film with Sebastian Heindl's organ improvisation

one interval
Béla Bartók National Concert Hall
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest
  • Rising Stars

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"Sebastian Heindl does not just play the organ. He can lift his audience up to Heaven or plunge them into misery. A miracle musician from Leipzig” - as described by Die Zeit in 2021 when introducing the German organist who will perform in the series launched by the European Concert Hall Organisation to showcase young talents. The globetrotting virtuoso's visit guarantees a unique experience for his audience. For the first time ever, an organ will be featured in a Rising Stars concert and as another first, the series will move to the National Concert Hall just for this occasion. To top it all off: we are treated to a silent film from the 1920s, accompanied by an organ improvisation!

The young musician started his musical education as a chorister in the famous St. Thomas Boys Choir. By the age of seventeen he had already made an album, which was enthusiastically received by critics. A charismatic performer, he has captivated audiences throughout Europe, the United States and Canada. Living up to his predecessors, he is an accomplished improviser and an active composer, incorporating elements of jazz into his style. He will start his programme with a new contemporary piece, a must at Rising Star concerts, written by fellow German Moritz Eggert. This prelude will be followed by a real treat: 63 minutes, immersed in all-embracing art. Nosferatu - A Symphony of Horror: Müpa Budapest's audience can watch the equally legendary 1922 film by the legendary director of the silent era, Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau, accompanied by Sebastian Heindl's organ improvisation. The blood-curdling Dracula story is unique in itself, while the organ accompaniment evokes the era with authenticity, since in early 20th century cinemas, especially in America, the queen of instruments often provided the background music for silent films. At the beginning of the concert, a podium discussion led by musicologist Gergely Fazekas will tell us all about this tradition and, of course, about the film itself.

Nominated for the Rising Stars series by: Konzerthaus Dortmund, Kölner Philharmonie, Festspielhaus Baden-Baden

The concert takes place as part of the Felhangolva! programme supported by the MOL New Europe Foundation.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest


  • organ
    Sebastian Heindl
  • Moderator
    Gergely Fazekas
  • Guest panellists
    László Fassang, Janka Barkóczi
  • The panel discussion after the concert is hosted by
    Endre Tóth

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