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Krylov Trio

Béla Bartók National Concert Hall
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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Variety is the spice of life, or so the saying goes. We are always delighted to revel in the diversity of music during a concert. Yet there is also an appeal to a concert that explores a single field thoroughly, enticing the listener into a state of rapt concentration. This evening will feature three extraordinary musicians: the violinist Sergei Krylov, pianist Nikolai Lugansky and cellist Alexander Knyazev, who together will initiate the audience into the world of one of Romantic chamber music's most exciting and richest chapters, Brahms's piano trios.

Johannes Brahms's musical approach was fundamentally influenced by the legacy of Beethoven, an impact that can be felt in the former's symphonies and concertos. The same can be said for his chamber music. Brahms's three piano trios - one early work, one mature and one late - reinterpret the need for powerful formulation and the aspiration to create striking thematic profiles, which the composer inherited from the Viennese master, who was also a great of the piano genre. At the same time, these works are full of passionate Romantic expressions of sentiments and emotions, something that was of course typical of the 19th century and, within that era, deeply characteristic of Brahms. The rich, full, often orchestral-like sound that can be called a 'chamber music symphony', for want of a better term, was used by the Hamburg-born master to develop the sound of his piano trios. The violin phenomenon Sergei Krylov, known to the Hungarian audience as a soloist as well, picked for his trio pianist Nikolai Lugansky, who has also played in Budapest several times, and cellist Alexander Knyazev, who in addition to his distinguished concert performances also, like Lugansky, teaches at the Moscow Conservatory. Furthermore, he is noted not only as a cellist, but as an organist too.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest

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  • violin
    Sergei Krylov
  • cello
    Alexander Knyazev
  • piano
    Nikolai Lugansky

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