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Doubt and Seeking - After The Tragedy of Man

Gábor Hollerung and the Budafok Dohnanyi Orchestra

one interval
Béla Bartók National Concert Hall
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest
  • Liszt Fest

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The works at this evening of the Budafok Dohnanyi Orchestra concern themselves with the ways of the world, man's search for directions, the phenomenon and significance of the Luciferian spirit. The programme includes the symphonic piece Strauss wrote on the inspiration of Nietzsche's epochal work, Milton's epic poem, which is informed by a similar spirit, and Levente Gyöngyösi's adaptation of the national classic, Madách's The Tragedy of Man.
The first of the planned four parts of Tragœdia Temporis, Levente Gyöngyösi's staged oratorio, deals with Adam and Eve's life in Paradise and their expulsion from Eden. The work, which is marked by the composer's signature communicative character, is special in that its main character cannot be found in Madách's drama: he is a child, an angelic person, who was already by the Lord's side before Creation. The Lord is a real character in the story, who argues with Lucifer and comments on the actions of the first human couple.
In the scenes that take place in Paradise, the sounds of nature can be heard as the musical expression of beauty; the composer here represents the pure beauty of the Garden of Eden. The music of the scene where the first humans meet and fall in love is ethereal, almost naive. This is the world premiere of the piece, which was an award-winner of Müpa Budapest's 2020 Composition Competition.

This event is part of the 10th Theatre Olympics.

Performance in Hungarian

Presented by: Müpa Budapest


  • Gábor Hollerung
  • Eve
    Gabriella Balga
  • Adam
    Zoltán Megyesi
  • Child
    Eszter Zemlényi
  • Lucifer
    Csaba Sándor
  • The Lord
    Krisztián Cser
  • prose
    Eszter Ónodi
  • Budafok Dohnanyi Orchestra
  • Cantemus Choral Institute Nyíregyháza (choirmaster: Soma Szabó)
  • Pro Musica Girls' Choir (choirmaster: Dénes Szabó)
  • host
    Sándor Lukács
  • Libretto
    Judit Ágnes Kiss
  • The Milton text translated by
    Viktor Horváth
  • The Milton text proofread by
    Miklós Péti
  • Concept, dramaturgy
    András Visky

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