classical music, opera, theatre

Die Walküre

two intervals
Béla Bartók National Concert Hall
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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With 2019 seeing the return of Der Ring des Nibelungen to the Budapest Wagner Days, fans of the tetralogy will once again get to see their favourite performers, but this time with completely transformed choreographies and stage action, as well as 16 hours of never-seen-before video footage projected on the set and backdrop. The work of the creative team for each production will be supported by the addition of a new dramaturg.

Die Walküre is a tragically beautiful opera about springtime, love, finding one another and recognising a shared past. As in Das Rheingold, sins are also committed. A capital crime, in fact, when two siblings violate the taboo of falling in love with each other. Oddly enough, however, we do not condemn them, but actually feel for them with all our sympathy and compassion. And the pain of seeing Siegmund have to die in the deciding duel with Hunding is enough to pierce one's heart.
We also understand the bitter vacillations of the chief of the gods as he is forced into a dilemma - for even chief gods can wind up with dilemmas! The effect of his dialogue with his wife, Fricka, which is on the one hand a parody of the distasteful bickering familiar from civil marriages (Wagner was no model husband, and knew this genre from experience), and on the other hand, about the eternal and sacred moral principals, is a shocking one. And we are also shaken by the sight of Wotan as, grappling with his pain, he sends Brünnhilde into a deep sleep and envelops her in an impenetrable wall of fire, so that only the most worthy hero, a man without fear, can awaken her.
The audience will be welcoming newcomer Stuart Skelton as Siegmund and, as Brünnhilde, the fondly remembered and wonderful Catherine Foster.

A music drama in three acts (Updated version of the renowned production, in German, with surtitles projected in Hungarian and German).

Presented by: Müpa Budapest


  • Adam Fischer
  • Siegmund
    Stuart Skelton
  • Hunding
    Albert Pesendorfer
  • Wotan
    Johan Reuter
  • Sieglinde
    Camilla Nylund
  • Brünnhilde
    Catherine Foster
  • Fricka
    Atala Schöck
  • Helmwige
    Gertrúd Wittinger
  • Gerhilde
    Eszter Wierdl
  • Waltraute
    Gabriella Fodor
  • Ortlinde
    Beatrix Fodor
  • Siegrune
    Éva Várhelyi
  • Rossweisse
    Zsófia Kálnay
  • Grimgerde
    Erika Gál
  • Schwertleite
    Anna Kissjudit
  • dancers
    Dóra Asztalos, Zoltán Csere, Gusztáv Eller, Ádám Frigy, Nikoletta Gönczöl, Anna Gulyás, Brigitta Hortobágyi, István Horváth, Zoltán Katonka, Krisztián Kelemen, Dóra Szelőczey, Milán Újvári, Gábor Vida
  • Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra
  • Set designer, director
    Hartmut Schörghofer
  • Dramaturg
    Christian Martin Fuchs †, Dr. Christian Baier
  • Costume and puppet designer
    Corinna Crome
  • head of lighting
    Máté Vajda
  • video
    Szupermodern Filmstúdió Budapest
  • First assistant director
    Etelka Polgár
  • Choreography
    Gábor Vida
  • Assistant to the choreographer
    Dóra Asztalos
  • Deputy conductor
    János Kovács
  • Musical assistants
    László Bartal
    Gábor Bartinai
    Dóra Bizják
    Friedrich Suckel

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