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A Night of Russian Music With José Cura

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The performance has been cancelled.

We regret to inform our dear audience members that A Night of Russian Music With José Cura and the Hungarian Radio Symphonic Orchestra and the online broadcast of the event, scheduled for 4 March 2021, have been cancelled.

Thank you for your understanding!

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We're broadcasting this performance live!

In spite of the fact that the current extraordinary situation prevents us all from meeting at Müpa Budapest in person, we would still like to make the coming days nicer and more uplifting. This is why we are going to transmit our live performance, without an audience, on our website and YouTube channel.

We look forward to welcoming you to the event, through your screen!

The performance will be broadcasted on our website and YouTube channel.

At this concert, José Cura, the first permanent guest artist of the Hungarian Radio Art Groups, will conduct works by two Russian composers.
The first is a composition by Modest Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition is one of the most popular works in the music literature. Each of the movements is a character piece, a sketch-like virtuosic and precise depiction of the life situations and figures evoked. One is justified in feeling that Mussorgsky's music always captures the living and essential reality of things. The second piece that has been selected, Rachmaninoff's Second Symphony, dates from the end of an extended artistic crisis. It was widely known that the composer's first symphony had failed, and the defeat shattered Rachmaninoff so much that he stopped writing music; it took him years to pull out of his depression. When he eventually did, however, he started to produce truly exceptional works. The Symphony No. 2 is a wonderful summary and glorious capstone of this creative period.

Presented by: Hungarian Radio Art Groups


  • José Cura
  • Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra

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