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Subtones: Fresh Jazz-Funk

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In spite of the fact that the current extraordinary situation prevents us all from meeting at Müpa Budapest in person, we would still like to make the coming days nicer and more uplifting. This is why we are going to transmit our live performance, without an audience, on our website and YouTube channel.

We look forward to welcoming you to the event, through your screen!

The performance will be broadcasted on our website and YouTube channel.

The Octopus will grab you! As proof, just take a listen to the new album from the Subtones, led by Gábor Subicz. Their 21st century jazz-funk is even more vibrant in concert, while the band is increasingly popular on the Hungarian groove and jazz music scene. The formerly instrumental group now perform in concert with additional vocalists and a beatbox magician. For this event, they will also have a special guest, the cimbalom player Miklós Lukács, so we can expect the flow of the music to take some unexpected turns.
Gábor Subicz played for the first time at the Müpa Jazz Showcase in 2008. The trumpet player - now an Artisjus Award winner - expertly guides the Subtones. The band's unique sounds have always been a favourite of accomplished listeners of groove, but in recent times they have also added new colours and shades to their palette. They keep on playing in their new line-up, with the singers Vera Jónás and Flóra Kiss pulling the gang towards a more vocal-based style and the percussionist and beat-boxer Dávid Szarvas bringing them African rhythms and the sounds of urban music. The established funk and jazz red-hot lava flows of Dávid Benkő, László Csízi, Zsolt Csókás and Tibor Fonay melt in with the new members and the most diverse of musical worlds, creating space for remarkable song forms and ambitious improvisations. Their new full-length album Octopus has become a firm favourite of both expert listeners and music-loving amateurs and they have presented it far and wide to clamorous acclaim. Now, they will welcome a special guest who may not be the first person that springs to mind in relation to funky jazz. Miklós Lukács's appearance will illustrate both the Subtones thirst for adventure and the multifaceted nature of the cimbalom. On this evening, he will be the Octopus's ninth arm.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest

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  • trumpet
    Gábor Subicz
  • vocals
    Vera Jónás, Flóra Kiss
  • keyboard instruments
    Dávid Benkő
  • guitar
    Zsolt Csókás
  • bass guitar
    Tibor Fonay
  • drums
    László Csízi
  • percussion instruments, beatbox
    Dávid Szarvas
  • cimbalom
    Miklós Lukács
  • host
    Péter Novák


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