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Mi van velem? (What's With Me?) - András Kern in Concert

Guests: Judit Hernádi, Dorka Gryllus, Zsófi Tarján and Gábor Heilig

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Béla Bartók National Concert Hall

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"Lövölde tér", "Te majd kézen fogsz és hazavezetsz", "Hé'67", "Mi van velem?", "Pincér-rock" - wonderful and well-known songs, superb stories and loads of humour - András Kern's programme Mi van velem? (What's With Me?) will have all of this. For this occasion, the artist has invited Judit Hernádi, Dorka Gryllus, Zsófi Tarján and Gábor Heilig to join him as his guests.

The Kossuth Prize-winning actor's first album came out a quarter of a century ago, and its song Lövölde tér has since become legendary. Kern has also come out with other records besides this still extraordinarily popular one. He's not acted alongside Judit Hernádi, he's also sung together with her several times, producing a joint album titled "Kernádi" in the process. The highly popular actress will be singing both solo and in duets tonight. Gábor Heilig served as the music director for most of Kern's albums; he has written the lyrics and/or music for a great many songs. At tonight's concert, he will also function as the music producer, bandleader in addition, of course, to strapping on his guitar and singing. Joining Kern as his guest for the first time will be Dorka Gryllus, who besides being a wonderful actress, a fine singer as well, and Zsófi Tarján, singer for the band Honeybeast and Hernádi's daughter, promising for a surprise production this evening! Accompanying the singers will be the outstanding musicians, joined by others to make for an expanded line-up, of Iván Gátos's band. The splendid artists, wonderful stories and dry humour in both song and prose are a guarantee of success, making the evening the granting of an old wish of the audience's.

Presented by: Nők Lapja

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  • keyboard instruments
    Iván Gátos
  • guitar
    Zoltán Schneider
  • bass guitar
    Bálint Gátos
  • drums
    Gábor Szentmihályi
  • accordion
    Péter Berec
  • vocals
    Éva Óvári, Barbara Péter

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