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Magyar Atom

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Festival Theatre
  • Produced by Müpa Budapest

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Although Müpa Budapest is a cultural atomic reactor, and numerous atomic Hungarians have appeared on its stage, the Hungarian atoms of Magyar Atom have only done so separately: this is their first time performing here as a band. But what is this all about? It's about a project undertaken by legendary Hungarian musicians - guitarist Tibor Tátrai, singer/guitarist János Rudolf Tóth, drummer János Solti and bass player Tamás Zsoldos - to create joyful music as they perform blues and rhythm & blues classics without constraints and with total enthusiasm and devotion, a sense of liberation that the audience shares to the utmost degree.

Tátrai founded Magyar Atom, a band dedicated to making unrestricted 'music without responsibility', in 1994 together with the line-up of the time of the Hobo Blues Band, who were legendary instrumentalists, familiar from countless other groups. They originally intended to name this group formed to exclusively play blues and blues-rock standards (meaning that they would not be writing their own songs) the Jimi Hendrix Memorial Band, but it soon emerged that the Paks Nuclear Power Plant was willing to sponsor the recording of their second concert, so they settled on the apt name Magyar Atom. And this was a very good decision indeed, since ever since they have reliably filled both themselves and their audiences with an enormous release of energy at their concerts. Casting off the burden that comes from the expectations of one's own songs is always guaranteed to open the way for a joyful focus on the pure act of making music, and it is a true privilege to see musicians of such a high calibre playing with elemental power. And this is not to mention the fact that this is the first time they are doing so in this format at Müpa Budapest, even though all of them have appeared here separately many times before.

Presented by: Müpa Budapest

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  • guitar
    Tibor Tátrai
  • vocals, guitar
    János Rudolf Tóth
  • drums
    János Solti
  • bass guitar
    Tamás Zsoldos

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